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Michael J. Peter did it again!


Michael J. Peter owner of fort lauderdale strip club Solid Gold & Pure PlatinumNovember 2011, Solid Gold announced their Annual VIP Party, the only day when you can get a Free VIP card with free admission to the club for 2012. I marked down the day in my calendar. The VIP party also included free food and drinks from 7 to 9PM, count me in.

Wednesday December 7th, 2011. I went home after work to get really for the party. I usually eat something right after work, but this time I wanted to make sure my stomach was ready for the party.

6:20PM I went inside the club expecting to see a crowd around the entrance but nobody was there, only 3 guys around a table. I filled out a form and the staff gave me a VIP card, I was all set, just waiting for the Palms Grille, the restaurant inside the club, to open...

6:25PM I decided wait in my car there until the restaurant open. I start playing with my phone checking my inbox constantly, and reading some online news..

6:55PM, I decided to go back to the club, and for my surprise I saw a lot of people waiting in line for the buffet, most of them 65 years old. South Florida is full of retirement communities. The waiting game started, I wait in line for several minutes, getting angry about the 2 parallel lines formed around the main line. Finally I arrived where the food was, I have to say Solid Gold's buffet is always good, with enough variety of food for everyone, including nice desserts. I asked for a free drink, drop a dollar on the counter and proceed to enjoy my food.

I'm a regular at Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale Strip Club, that's why I can say for a fact that at the VIP party I saw a lot of people I've never seen in my life.

After finishing my meal, I got a dessert and then I was ready to go home, feeling grateful for having a free meal and a free VIP card, I was ready to relax, but instead I decided to check out the strippers, it was a huge mistake.
I went to the main bar, and watched the beautiful exotic dancers do their thing, aroused the public. No big deal, I dropped a dollar here an there, I was happy and ready to go home.

Michael J. Peter a pioneer in the strip club business, owner of Solid Gold and Pure Platinum strip clubs, at the party he went on stage, saying some thankful words to his employees, customers and friends, things like: "Despite the weak economy, 2011 was the best year in terms of revenues for the club", I heard him saying the same thing last year.

After Michael's words, I really was done for the night, thinking to myself: "I only spent 3 dollars tonight, I'm good", then all of the sudden I spot a stripper called Jenna. Jenna is an exotic dancer I know for years, the funny thing is never had a lap dance with her.

The "Are you ready for this" song is playing, It is time for the special, 2x1 dances, , the dancers are walking the catwalk showing their goodies, I know Jenna doesn't do the 2x1 special so I left the main stage going toward the restaurant spotting Jenna going on the same direction... we saw each other, I said: "Hi", she say: "Hi". After the usual chit chat, I asked her for a dance, she said: "You know I don't do 2x1 specials" I said: "I know, it doesn't matter" so we went to the the lap dance area, where most of the couches were taken, the only free one was in a bad spot, a place anyone can see if they walk by, I really didn't care.

Jenna Fort Lauderdale Solid Gold's stripper
Jenna is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a body to die for, she used to have a couple of extra pounds, but not anymore, she is in great shape, How could I resist? The lap dance started, the usual flirts and frictions, no touching or kissing, just feeling a beautiful girl on top of me winding and grinding. My hands were grabbing her strong legs, and I was imitating the act of love, never the act itself. The song was ending, the usual question was asked: "Do you want another dance?" Can somebody explain me how can I supposed to say No to an angel like that?...

I ended up having 3 dance, each lap dance is $25 per song at Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale. I gave her $80, knowing that a stripper will never give you change back. A goodbye kiss, and that was the end of my night, it is all downfall after you have a dance with a cutie like Jenna. For some stupid reason after a lap dance I always start thinking that the stripper just made $80 bucks on me in less than 10min, I start thinking how many hours of work will it take me to do the same amount of money, at the end I feel like a fool, cause I'm a fool for spending that amount of money in 3 lap dance. Talking about spending money, I just read that the rapper Rick Ross wasted one million dollar at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami for his birthday, sorry Rick, but you are officially The King of Fools!.

Here is a list of some of the mistakes I made that night at the strip club.

1) Never bring cash to a strip club if you don't plan to spend it. Like an act of magic, whatever amount of cash you have in your pocket will vanish if you are at a strip club.

2) Never expect change back from a stripper. They will consider the change they owned you as a tip.

3) Don't stay too long at a strip club. The longer you stay, the more money you will spend.

Mr. Michael J. Peter you did it again!, my plan was to have a night of free food, drinks and girls, and I ended up spending $80.00, I guess nothing is free in this life. Thank Mr. MJ Peter, I did have a good time, and I will see you again next year for the 2013 VIP party. Cheers

Jan 6, 2012



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