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To tip or not to tip the bathroom guy at a Strip Club

South Florida Strip ClubsEvery Strip Club customer have had that questions before. I know you wait until you can't hold it not more to go to take a leak. Why I have to tip this guy? I'm only taking a piss and want to wash my hands, why is he playing with the towel?, rotating it and throw it at me? And why does he put twenty dollar bills in his little basket? Is that the suggested tip for washing my hands? Do they also have "bathroom girls" in strip clubs?

Bathroom guys play an important role in any Strip Club, Gentlemen's Club or Bobby Bar. They keep the bathroom clean, they make sure nobody is doing drugs or other things they shouldn't suppose to do, they put soap on your hands and provide a flying "clean" towel. They help you out with a candy, a chewing gum or some designer cologne. So why not tip them? they are making an honest living like everyone else, they help you out when you need it and it only cost a dollar every time you use the bathroom, remember you probably have just expended $100 in a fine stripper, What is a dollar comparing to that?

How much money a Strip Club bathroom guy can make?

To be honest I really don't know, but lets just think about it for a moment. Lets say approximately a hundred guys go to a strip club every night (a hundred is a very modest number for busy strip clubs), mostly all guys are going to have a drink, most likely beer, and we know what happen when we drink beer, we go to the bathroom a lot. Lets say guys go to the bathroom an average of 3 times a night, if all of them tip the bathroom guy every time they go, he will be making: 100 x 3 = $300 bucks a night. But we all know not everybody tip the guy every time, so lets just say all the guys tip the bathroom guy at least once, then we will have: 100 x 1 = $100 bucks. So we can say that the strip club bathroom guy make around $100 a night. If the guy works 8 hours a night, he is making $12.5 an hour (100/8=12.5) if the guy only works 6 hour a night he is pocking $16.6 an hour (100/6=16.6) which is not a bad salary at all, most collage graduates make that money the firsts years of work after collage. But what happen is more are people showing up at a strip club. Maybe 200, 300 guys a night, in that case the bathroom guy will be making 200, 300 bucks a night, and that is a lot of money in this economy

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work

How about customers? we should wash our hands before returning to our stripper too. Chances are we are going to touch the strippers, so our hands must be clean, but wait a minute, how about the stripper's hands, are they clean?, they just performed a pole dance and handled all the singles on the floor, shouldn't they wash their hands before returning to the customers too?

OK I will tip you, but let me grab a candy

There is nothing wrong in getting the strip club bathroom guy supplies, you can get candies, chewing gum, designer cologne, scope mouthwash (so you can "get closer" to your favorite stripper), etc, and it will cost you only a dollar. But please don't abuse the supplies, getting chewing gum supplies for the whole week won't look good in front of the bathroom guy, because every time you get too much supplies, his revenues take a hit, he is making less money. What about all his colognes? He has lots of them, He has been caring them for years, from one strip club to another, some of them are not even the real thing, some of them are old and, maybe refilled with something else, some they don't even hold the scent for long, but again, what do you expect for a dollar?. One time I asked a guy if I can buy one of his perfumes for $50.00, he said: "No", he said he paid more for it, I think they buy them on the Internet or at a Marshall's store, is cheaper there.

Where are they from?

I can only talk about the strip clubs I know here in South Florida,and no offense but based on my experience most of the strip club bathroom guys are from Haiti, the same happens with the taxi drivers here in South Florida, they are like a Mafia, is like you need to be from Haiti to be able to be a taxi driver or a strip club bathroom guy. Is there any particular reason why they are all from there? No that I know, but is a fact that most of this guys are from there.

So fellas, next time you and your homies hit a strip club, remember this article before going to the bathroom and make sure you take care of the bathroom guy, and please tip them before you wash your hands, because if you do it after, the dollar you put in his little basket will contaminate your hands again. Peace.

Apr 16, 2009
Comment Author Sam Burnadowski / Apr 14, 2011
You are a moron.



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